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You are entitled to access your personal information and to have it amended, updated or deleted or to submit a delisting request by contacting : privacy@qwant.com

Qwant's philosophy is based on two principles: no user tracking and no filter bubble.

We do our best to respect the privacy of our online visitors while ensuring a secure environment and relevant results.

Here are our commitments for the user's data protection :

If you wish to send us a request by way of our contact form, we may ask you to disclose personal data. Thus, you are entitled to protection under the European data protection regulation.

This Privacy Policy aims to present our ethical positioning with regard to the collection and processing of data: we guarantee not to sell or disclose the user's data in any way, especially for commercial purposes.

How do we collect data from our users?

We collect personal data such as your full name and e-mail address, when you complete forms that are made available on the site.

Furthermore, we do not use any storage or tracking tool (cookies, fingerprinting, pixel or local storage) while you are browsing the site.

Why do we collect data?

The personal data of users are collected by Qwant for the following purposes:

  • Management of information requests submitted on the site;
  • Management of requests for removal and requests related to the exercise of rights of access, rectification and deletion relating to personal data;
  • Qwant’s information systems security.;

What are the procedures and formalities conducted by Qwant to ensure the protection of your personal data?

Qwant has established a Privacy Service dedicated to protect your privacy and has also appointed a Data Protection Officer (DPO) with the French Data Protection Authority (CNIL). Working closely with the Privacy Service, the DPO is responsible inter alia for ensuring the compliance with legal requirements relating to the protection of personal data.

The DPO maintains a register of personal data processed by Qwant as part of its operation. The DPO makes the register available to any user who submits a request to the following address: privacy@qwant.com.

What happens to your personal data?

The personal data you provide are not disclosed and/or resold to third parties by Qwant.

Your data is stored on servers that belong solely to us and are never transmitted to external technical service providers. The Telecity Company (referred to as host in our Terms of Service) merely provides secure storage for our servers and has no access to this data.

However, judicial or administrative authorities may require the disclosure of data allowing the identification of a user. The Privacy Service and the DPO undertake to examine them carefully and to refuse any improper disclosure of data.

Regarding the French law on intelligence passed on 24 June 2015, we found that the recommendations of the CNIL had gained very little currency: as a search engine, we emphatically do not endorse the measures adopted, especially as they are particularly intrusive from the point of view of individual privacy. Accordingly, we will make every effort to ensure the protection of our users' personal data.

For how long do we keep the data?

Regarding requests for access, opposition and rectification of your personal data and your delisting request, your information will be deleted six months after sending your request.

What measures does Qwant take to ensure the security and confidentiality of your personal data?

We pledge to make every effort to ensure the security and confidentiality of the personal data of our users and in particular to prevent such data from being damaged, deleted, or accessed by unauthorized parties.

Thus, your research isn’t associated with your IP address in accordance with the data protection authorities' recommendations.

Moreover, we allow you to search safely by banning the use of any advertising tracker that would determine your profile for commercial purposes.

In addition, the Qwant URL includes "HTTPS" which allows a secure exchange of user data. Technically, SSL guarantees that visitor's data cannot be intercepted by fraudulent means. Moreover, the green padlock which appears before the Qwant URL indicates that you are browsing a secure website.

What are your rights? How do you exercise them?

You are entitled to access your personal information and to have it amended, updated or deleted.

Right of access

You can ask us directly whether we hold information about you and request that we communicate all this data to you. The exercise of the right of access enables users to monitor data accuracy and, if necessary, have them corrected or deleted.

Right of opposition

You have the opportunity to object, for legitimate reasons, to being included in our files. You do not need to prove a legitimate reason regarding commercial prospection. You may object to your data dissemination, transmission or storage.

Right of correction or deletion

You may request correction of inaccurate information about you, to prevent us from processing or disseminating false information about you.

Right to delisting (right to be forgotten)

This right is specifically directed at search engines. You can send us a delisting request for a web page associated with your surname and first name.

Furthermore, the rights set out above rights may be exercised:

  • either by writing to Qwant by traditional mail to - Service juridique, 28 rue de l'Université, 75007 Paris;
  • or by sending an e-mail to privacy@qwant.com.

Additional information and recommendations

In case you pass through our services to access other sites with different privacy and data protection policies, we invite you to examine the rules applicable to the use and disclosure of personal data communicated on these sites.

We also recommend you to remain vigilant in your use of third-party personal data (e.g., photos collected on the BOARDS LITE service), and in particular to respect the applicable regulations regarding data protection.

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