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Fear & Hunger

Fear & Hunger

Genre: Horreur, Jeu de rôle, Survie

Fear & Hunger is 2018 video game created by Happy "Orange" Paintings using the RPG Maker MV game engine. It blends multiple genres including dark fantasy, survival horror, surrealism, psychological thriller, roguelike, dungeon crawler, and JRPG role-playing. The game took major influences from the game Silent Hill and NetHack, It could possibly confirmed as permadeath option, which is removing any body parts if the enemy takes severe damage or possibly attempted suicide before erasing your save …

Credits Release date

Release date 2018
Developer Happy "Orange" Paintings
Genre Horreur, Jeu de rôle, Survie
Engine RPG Maker MV


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Fear & Hunger by orange~
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Fear & Hunger by orange~
Fear & Hunger by orange~
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