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Genre: Action, Plate-forme

Platforms: Microsoft Windows

Exception is a 2.5D side-scrolling platform game developed and published by American studio Traxmaster Software. The game is scheduled to release for Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 in Summer 2019. Exception debuted at PAX West in 2017 as part of the Indie Megabooth.The game is set inside a computer system taken over by viruses in which players control a protagonist attempting to stop these viruses. Gameplay is based in environments which rotate and transform. …

EFootball Pro Evolution Soccer 2020

EFootball Pro Evolution Soccer 2020

Genre: Sport

Platforms: PlayStation 4,Microsoft Windows,XBox One,Android,Apple IOS

Publishers: Konami

[1]eFootball Pro Evolution Soccer 2020 (officiellement abrégé en eFootball PES 2020, également connu au Japon comme eFootball Winning Eleven 2020) est un jeu vidéo de football de la série Pro Evolution Soccer développé par PES Productions et édité par Konami. Ce nouvel opus est le 19e de la série PES. Le jeu est sorti initialement le 10 septembre 2019 sur PlayStation 4, Xbox One et Microsoft Windows. L'attaquant vedette du FC Barcelone Lionel Messi est de retour en tant qu'ambassadeur du jeu et …

Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain

Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain

Genre: Tir, Troisième personne

Platforms: PlayStation 4,Microsoft Windows

Publishers: D3 Publisher

Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain is a third-person shooter video game developed by Yuke's and published by D3 Publisher for the PlayStation 4. It is a spin-off of the Earth Defense Force series, similar to Earth Defense Force: Insect Armageddon, geared more toward Western audiences with a more serious tone compared to the main series by Sandlot. A Japanese release date was initially set for late 2018, but the game was delayed into 2019. It was released simultaneously worldwide on April 11, 2019.



Genre: Roman

Platforms: Microsoft Windows,Nintendo Switch,Linux

Publishers: Zachtronics

Eliza is a visual novel game developed by Zachtronics, released on Microsoft Windows, macOS, and Linux on August 12, 2019, with a Nintendo Switch version on October 10, 2019.